Fergus Job Management

Smart software for growing trade businesses

All the tools you need. All in one place.


Never miss a detail again

Easily juggle hundreds of jobs at a time, without a single detail slipping through the cracks. Our visual dashboard tracks the status and state of every single job so you don't have to.
  • See what needs your attention at a glance
  • Instantly know the status of every job
  • Prioritise tasks with our traffic light system
  • Easily select jobs and reconcile outstanding tasks



Keep your team on the road

Get job and task information to your team, no matter where they are. Real-time updates keep your team moving so you can max out your billable hours.
  • Instant job notifications
  • Remote job cards
  • Team notifications
  • Remote tasks



Get a bird’s eye view of your business

See how your business is tracking at a glance in our visual dashboard. Know exactly what needs doing, what’s causing a hold up, and what your cashflow will be months in advance.
Get a visual overview of all your jobs

See the stage and status of every job on your books. See where problems are right away and resolve them – then and there.

Forecast your cashflow

Never be surprised by a shortfall of ready cash again. See your cash flow from quoted jobs through to invoices paid - instantly.



Track & manage your jobs

Our job management tool gives you everything you need to create, manage and track jobs as they move through your workflow. From the little details to the big, everything is covered.
Status board

See the state of your jobs and business at a glance using our easy-to-follow traffic light system. See what needs your attention and when.

Create site visits

Organise jobs into packages of work, see overviews and reporting separately on different stages of work.

Electronic job cards

Create jobs with ease. Add a new customer or choose a previous customer to get going in an instant.

Store files and photos

Add files and photos on to jobs even when out on-site. Share progress photos and quickly send terms of trade.

Team Management

Get your team sorted with our set of online tools. Easily assign tasks, communicate remotely, track teams, and remove unnecessary admin.
Team noticeboard

Message one tradie, or your whole team. Draw attention to details or organise work drinks. The choice is yours.

Automated time sheets

Time logged to a job in Fergus will automatically populate time sheets so there is no double handling.

GPS tracking and logging

Track employees to see who is best placed for emergency jobs, or check your team are where they need to be.

Assign tasks

Break down work into bite-size chunks and assign tasks remotely to your team members.


Quote in detail and show your customers everything or just the overview. The choice and flexibility is yours.
Online Price Books

Get rid of bulky price books. Simply load CSV price files from your suppliers directly into Fergus then search from within your quote builder to import line items.

Automate mark-ups

Save different price points for the same line items, so you can easily choose what mark-up is applied. Or apply mark-ups and discounts by adjusting the percentage in the quote builder.

Build your own templates

Constantly using the same supplies for the same kinds of jobs? Simply group items and save as a Favourite to build quick, repeatable quotes.

Track and create multiple versions

No matter how many changes your customer requests on a job, you will always have a full history on hand.

Customisable terms of trade

Upload Terms of Trade unique to your business and attach them to customer emails. Get notified as soon as they’re accepted.


Take the headache and complexity out of scheduling; jobs and teams basically schedule themselves.
Visual calendar

Get an oversight of what jobs are booked, what jobs need to be booked, and who has time to do them.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

View all jobs, and all staff, in one place. Simply select the job and drag and drop it into an available slot in your calendar.

Instant team notifications

When a new job is scheduled or a job is changed, your team will be instantly notified via the mobile app, no matter where they are.

Recurring jobs and tasks

Easily schedule recurring jobs. Simply set the start date, how often the job will recur, when you want the job to appear in the status board, and the job card will create itself.

Advanced group scheduling

Select and save groups of Tradies who regularly work together to get a particular type of job done.

On the job

Everything you need to get the job done, right when you need it, no matter where you are
Remote job information

The mobile app puts all the job information your team needs, in their hands, whenever they need it. Information is updated in real-time so nothing slips through the gaps.

Track materials and time

Log materials used on-site and track start/stop times using the mobile app. Data loads instantly back to the office so there is no need for double entry.

Create certificates

Templated gas and electrical certificates are pre-populated with job info. All you need to do is plug in what happened on-site.

Log hazards on-site

Use hazard templates to capture hazards on the job site. Load pictures of the hazard and the mitigation once complete.

Manage Health and Safety

Actively manage all your obligations on every job with hazard templates, signature capture, compliance reports, guides and more.


Cut out double handling with Fergus pre-populated invoices. Know information is accurate. No wasted time. Just quick and simple invoicing
Invoice builder

Make invoices quickly using our powerful pricing editor. Import labour and materials to instantly fill your invoices, or simply build from scratch.

Staggered invoicing

Big job, or small job, you choose when you get paid. Fergus allows you to invoice your work in steps, so you’re never out of pocket.

Customisable payment terms

Set standard payment terms across Fergus, and easily edit them by customer or by job.

Automatic invoice reminders

No invoice will ever be left behind again. With Fergus you’ll be prompted to chase overdue invoices based off your payment terms.


Accurately back-cost before invoicing to make sure you hit your margins every time. Easily add labour, stock on hand, invoices, and credits.


Detailed reporting gives you the insight you need to make successful decisions and get your business growing.
Business Health

From monthly profit and loss, through to a yearly calendar, get a full understanding of your finances.

Job Reporting

Check how you’re tracking on a job–by–job basis and get the insights to make smart decisions.

Employee insights

Track staff performance, and catch opportunities to maximise charge out rates and material mark-ups


Get your evenings back. Integrate your accounting platform to make accounting simple, fast, and rewarding.
Sync accounting platforms

Save time, reduce admin, and cut double entry when you sync your accounting platform with Fergus

Import your invoices

Import CSV files of invoices and credits to instantly load supplier documents against the correct job.

Sales account codes

Link sales account codes in your accounting package to items in Fergus to instantly populate your online accounts without data entry.


Forget double entry and manual syncing. We play nice with all of your favourite business partners

Fergus and Xero’s two-way-sync allows customers, customer invoices, supplier invoices and payments to automatically appear where they need to be


Automate your accounting with our MYOB sync. Track customers, customer invoices, supplier invoices, and payments easily across both systems.

Crystal payroll

Make payroll simple with Crystal Payroll; our integrated Payroll lets you import Fergus data with one swift movement; just click, drag and drop.


Mico invoices sync with Fergus automatically. Easily activated with one click of a button, line items feed straight to the right job.


Automatically import invoices, price books and purchase orders, saving buckets of time and ensuring data accuracy

Price book integration

Upload price books from all major suppliers. Simply click line items from your supplier to add to quotes and purchase orders.

Fergus Pay

Collect secure credit card payments as soon as the job’s done, and improve your cash flow with Fergus Pay.

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